• Weekend with our graduates

    It is about time to analyse our education successes. We took the opportunity and visited some of the theatres in Poland and see our friends and former students working already on the stage. We are very impressed with our ‘harvest’…
    Big thank you to
    – the Jaracz Theatre in Lodz for ” Sexual Neuroris of our Parents” with special thanks to Natalia Klepacka for outstanding part of Dory.
    – The Syrena Theatre for the ‘Adams Family’ with special attention to Katarzyna Walczak as Alice, Anna Gigiel as the Queen of England, last but not least – Marta Wiejak as Morticia. It was fantastic to see the whole cast performing.
    – Rampa Theatre with ‘Women at the verge of nervous breakdown ‘. Impressed with Anna Sztejner and her performance as Lucia. Malgorzata Regent – watching you as Pepe was absolutely fantastic experience. Your development makes us proud! Insanely great Paulina Grochowska as crazy Candela took our breaths away!!! See the photo gallery below as proof of what we have experienced and we are awaiting for more to come!