• About us

    Acting studio is a theater group in fly Foundation in Gdynia. The projects was established after many years of working on a curriculum based on the variety of theatrical techniques. We decided to meet needs of those who want to devote their lives with the scene, as well as those who aim at improving the condition of self-consciousness.

    Our projects provide the possibility to obtain information about where and how to start the preparation for the entrance exams to any type of acting and vocal acting schools.

    On the basis of the experience we developed a method of giving high percentage and effectiveness in the entrance examinations to art schools.

    We work on the body and self-awareness, so necessary factors in the profession of an actor.

    Projects for adult’ s group specialise in artcoaching in the field of self-awareness, correct pronunciation and sell-presentation.

    Groups for people working with voice are targeted for teachers, coaches, announcers. The individual coaching lead to the effective knowledge implementation in a particular case of the client.

    Founder :

     Mateusz Brzeziński

    actor, singer, dancer, personal development coach, fitness and Zumba instructor. Musical Theatre in Gdynia graduate. While living in Sydney. Theatre coach pat the Polish Theatre in Sydney and a lecturer in the Sydney SBS radio.

    As a coach, he specialises in improving the skills of the self-awareness development skills, stage presence, internal development, proper use of the speech apparatus, speech and singing voice, pronunciation, voice projection, interpersonal contact. As a dancer and fitness instructor Matt explained and trains body awareness – its contact and control.

    His artistic achievements consists of numerous roles, acting episodes. Matt sung and danced in such productions as “The painted glass” directed by Krystyna Janda, “Chicago,” “Midsummer Night’s Dream” with music written by Leszek Możdżer starring alongside with Justyna Steczkowska, in the Sydney and Szczecin version of the “Rent”, also in “Pinocchio,” “Anne of Green Gables”, foreign productions of “Jesus Christ Superstar “(Poland, Switzerland, Germany),” Hair “(Poland, Switzerland, Germany),” Evita “(Poland, Germany) and film productions. Currently, Mateusz is a lecturer at the Cracow Institute of Vocal Arts, working in dubbing versions for BBC TV and also a singer in the MATTjazzBASTIAN band and a founder of Acting Studio.

    “… Thanks to this profession, I went through a long way metamorphosis, gaining knowledge in many fields alongside outstanding teachers, successfully using these skills not only on the stage. Since 2004 he has also been working as a teacher. Travelling only confirms that it is worthwhile to share your knowledge, because it does not diminish. I’ ve created the actingstudio group to support the development and to give the possibility to anyone who feels that he could find something for themselves here.”

    – He said in one of the interviews for a newspaper.