• Creativity and personal development

    Our proposed addition to the workshops except for the own body and mind awareness is focused primarily on the creativity and inner self-development.

    The students have the opportunity to get to know their options in different situations, learn how to interpret the spoken word and stage presence, which affects the imagination development.

    Classes taught by experienced actors aim to gain information in regards to creativity and its usage in a daily life.

    Classes are given by a professional actor as it is he who usually has to deal with difficult situations on stage. Creativity is the basic every day issue for him that has to be used at work every.

    Benefits for participants:

    – Ability to exercise under the supervision of an experienced actor – the incarnation expert in this area.

    – Understanding the theory of emotions and dealing with them in difficult situations.

    – strengthening self-confidence and confidence in action while performing semi-theatrical tasks.

    – Finding positive aspect of stage fright, especially when performing in front of a larger audience.

    – Work on the correct pronunciation, articulation and voice emission, which fundamentally affects the reception of the outside world.