• Look into yourself and appreciate your own abilities

    The aim of the workshop is to improve the motor organs of speech, mental flexibility in professional contacts, opening the participant to learn more about themselves, increasing the vigilance on the presence of partners at work, ability to cooperate with others and focus on positive interpersonal contacts, gaining body awareness that is so important in self-presentation. Strengthening the role of a leader and integrating the group. During the classes, the working methods successfully used by professional actors are used.

    Workshops include training of such factors as stage presence, thorough message interpretation, transferring emotions through the speech.

    During the intensive workshop, participants will develop:

    – Taking on a leadership role – a leading person in the team, taking over social control;

    – Confidence in relationships with others;

    – Awareness of the self-presence and the role of people in the immediate vicinity;

    – Conscious expression of emotions and understanding how they affect the actions of others;

    – Artistic imagination and social;

    – Spatial sensitivity;

    – Body awareness, expression, image creation;

    – Building channels of communication to influence effectively.